Aisha Javid Ali Mir

Founder of Artientifique
National Geographic certified educator.

         I am Aisha Mir, an Indian girl living in Madina city, Saudi Arabia. With a burning passion for space science, I dream to become a space scientist. As Arts and Science go hand in hand, I am set to become a sustainable art entrepreneur as well. Years ago, when I started painting using old and expired cosmetics, there was one goal: I want to see my planet full of life once again, fascinating and beautiful as if it got a makeover! I was the first artist globally to take waste sticky, melting, and dry

products from people and recreate them in an eco-friendly way. It was the process and the cause that motivated me to continue and work harder to prevent more cosmetics from reaching the landfills.  

I introduced a new word, naming myself Artientifique (A person who practices Art and Science simultaneously). Many young students joined in as volunteers, together we were creating a huge impact across continents. Today, Artientifique has reached several countries, makeup painting is not only a form of art, but it is also an environment conservation activity, a symbol of beauty turned into beauty.

Now you might be thinking, why am I still using discarded cosmetics as my paint medium, knowing the harmful effects of the chemicals?
The only aim was to figure out a way to solve the unseen challenge of cosmetic pollution, do whatever I can to save our oceans, even if it is something that sounds simple as a painting. If I am able to save even one fish from getting sick and dying, it will be an achievement for me.
I take all the necessary steps to stay safe while working, that doesn’t mean at all that the final product is not safe, or other artists can’t join me in makeup painting. If we ensure that the segregation is done properly, and the products are cleaned before use and within the conversion process, then you are good to go!”

The problem in my opinion is our mindset and how we think of things and situations around us. If there is something which we humans can’t take benefit from anymore, we consider it WASTE! In Nature’s dictionary, there is nothing called Waste, even a rotten apple which is of course not for human consumption anymore, proves to be food for microorganisms. The point is, we shouldn’t be so selfish as to damage the planet’s different habitats by the wrong disposal of waste items just because those resources aren’t usable by us anymore. It’s just that we aren’t able to see the resource’s value through a different perspective. What we saw during the past few months is a transition from a carefree approach towards

our resource management (whether natural or human) to a very aware and wise one. I am myself a traveling passionate and having a close relationship with photography, it allows me to view this world with a unique perspective, capturing what usually goes unnoticed.

My aim through Artientifique is to redefine our mindset towards Eco-friendly Art and showcase how beautiful and durable upcycled art can be, way different than the conventional ideas of recycling.

I would like to end this on a thoughtful note: While we are so concerned about what we put on our FACEs, shouldn’t we also think once what are we putting on our home planet’s surFACE?