The main problem in my opinion is our mindset and how we think of things and situations around us. If there is something which we humans can’t take benefit from anymore, we consider it WASTE! In Nature’s dictionary, there is nothing called Waste, even a rotten apple which is of course not for human consumption anymore, proves to be food for microorganisms. The point is, we shouldn’t be so selfish to damage the planet’s different habitats by the wrong disposal of waste items just because those resources aren’t usable by us anymore. It’s just that we aren’t able to see the resource’s value through a different perspective. What we saw during the past few months is a transition from a carefree approach towards our resource management (whether natural or human) to a very aware and wise one. I am myself a traveling passionate, and by having a close relationship with photography, it allows me to view this world with a unique perspective, capturing what usually goes unnoticed.

My aim through Artientifique is to redefine our mindset towards Eco-friendly Art, and showcase how beautiful and durable upcycled art can be, way different than the conventional ideas of recycling. 

I would like to end this on a thoughtful note: While we are so concerned about what we put on our FACEs, shouldn’t we also think once what are we putting on our home planet’s surFACE?

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